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7-Eleven Debuts Redberry Sour Patch Kids-Inspired Slurpee, as Voted by Fans

7-Eleven Debuts Redberry Sour Patch Kids-Inspired Slurpee, as Voted by Fans

In social media polls, the ‘red,’ or Redberry flavor was overwhelmingly the favorite

The limited-time flavor is available at participating 7-Eleven stores through the end of its 100 Days of Summer promotion.

Following the success of its first Sour Patch Kids Slurpee flavor Watermelon, introduced last year, 7-Eleven is introducing a Sour Patch Redberry-flavored Slurpee for the summer.

Redberry was chosen as it was the most popular among fans “in just-for-fun social media posts,” according to a release.

Laura Gordon, vice president of marketing and brand innovation, said, “We think we have another winner with Sour Patch Redberry Slurpee.” She details how the company learned from social media that customers were putting Sour Patch Kids candies into Slurpee drinks.

Last year’s Watermelon Sour Patch Kids flavor was so popular among fans that it became the first limited-time Slurpee flavor to sell better than year-round favorites cherry and cola.

7-Eleven is hosting a Sour Patch Slurpee Selfie Challenge, where one winner will win tickets to the Teen Choice Awards 2016 taking place in Los Angeles on July 31, 2016. To participate, simply tweet a selfie with the Redberry Slurpee between June 26 and July 15 tagging @SourPatchKids and including the hashtags #SlurpeeSelfie and #Sweepstakes.

The grand prize winner will receive round-trip airfare, two nights at a hotel, two tickets to the awards show, two VIP passes to the post-awards party, ground transportation to the hotel, airport, and event, and $1,500 in spending money.

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