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Beat the egg whites with the powder, add salt and water, add the sugar and mix until it becomes like a meringue. Add the yolks rubbed with oil, and finally the flour, baking powder and cocoa mixed. Put in a 28 cm tray and put in the oven on the right heat for 40 -45 min. Remove and leave to cool on the grill.


Whip the cream and let it cool.

Rub the yolks with the sugar, add milk and orange juice and put on low heat until thickened.

Gelatin is soaked in 2 tablespoons of water, dissolved and placed in hot cream, homogenized and left to cool.

Put the mascarpone in the bowl and mix well with a wooden spoon, then gradually add the yolk cream. And at the end, add the whipped cream.


Put the water with the sugar on the fire until the sugar melts and add the rum essence, leave it to cool.


The chocolate is broken into pieces, liquid cream is added and it is put on steam until it is homogenous.


The top is cut in half and syruped.

Put a part of the countertop, put half of the cream, and then put a row of biscuits soaked in coffee. We continue with the other part of the cream and the other part of the countertop.

It is glazed.

Cakes - sweet, colorful jewelry!

We all have moments when we eat something sweet and every time we think of cakes it rains in our mouths. Whatever it is pancakes, a cookie, o piece of cake or other desserts, the sweet appetite can only be quenched by enjoying your favorite dessert.

Although there are a multitude of desserts to choose from to celebrate important events in our lives such as wedding, birthday, baptism of a child, the cake is often more than dessert, giving a sweet meaning to ceremonial occasions, as there are few who refuse a slice of cake.

Today the cakes are bright colors or all colors, by different flavors or combinations of flavors, sizes big or size sMALL, with stones, pearl, little flowers or other decorative elements, round or rectangular in shape, with one or more storeys, worked in fondant, marzipan, with whipped cream or Chocolate of all colors and all require skill and a lot of talent.

The days of cakes simply garnished with whipped cream are not over, but they have evolved. The cake has long ceased to be just a dessert. Now we are talking about trend, and they focus on large cakes, bright colors, decorations. There are no design limits, flavors or combinations of flavors, it all depends on our imagination and the skill or skill of the confectioner.

Tastes are evolving, cakes seem to be more and more sophisticated and complex, and we can say that the world of pastries is changing like fashion, because it exists trend, news and avant-garde ideas. I'm in high demand artistic torture, for the children. As much as fancy and full of color, so tasty and light. Let's not forget, however, that we must limit the consumption of sweets to the little ones.

If you want to experiment you will not be afraid to try a cake recipe, but keep in mind the following tips: choose a quick recipe and light, use fresh fruits and of season, prepared creams in contrasting combinations, mix the ingredients evenly, bake at the indicated temperature, syrup with a suitable aroma, decorated with passion and imagination, leave to cool and SERVE WITH DESIRE!

A cake for every occasion

If you want a sweet, memorable experience, we are waiting for you to try our products.

We accompany you in all the important moments of your life, whether it is: wedding, anniversary, baptism, surprise parties, corporate events or gifts for your loved ones.

We are always looking for a balance of flavors, our dearest wish being to thank you above all!

All you have to do is contact us online at the phone number 0724141060 or visit us at Working point -
The street
The Bagpipers 7-9, Brancoveanu area

Selena: Seriously

The Quintanilla family has joined forces with Netflix to create a series about the late queen of Tejano music. Actress Christian Serratos takes the lead role as Selena quintanilla-perez in the age series that follows the singer as she makes her way to the star and smashes the glass ceiling for Mexican-American animators. Noemi Gonzalez plays Selena's sister and bandmate, Suzette Quintanilla .

Are you looking for LGBTQIA + representation on TV? Try these TV shows with gay characters and stories.


I cook with pleasure and look for a few seconds ago… I don't know how to locate the moment when I discovered that I am passionate about culinary art, but I can share with you my passion for cooking in very few words to inspire you in the current choices or daily to prepare healthy, fresh and tasty recipes in your kitchens.

It is true that we do not always have the necessary tools at hand, but believe me there is no obstacle in making a choice that will bring a smile on your face and immeasurable satisfaction when your loved ones taste the menu, whatever it is, prepared at home with love and pleasure.

I think I would be subjective if I made a list of the necessary utensils in the kitchen, due to the fact that I attach both a knife and a tray or kitchen scale, and if I had to choose between a multifunctional robot and a mixer, it would be just as hard for me to choose.

And yet… I can never miss a few basic things that seem indispensable in the kitchen:

Good knife at all… I am convinced that you have more, but it is always the most used due to its medium size, very comfortable handle and dangerously sharp blade.

A wooden spoon and a silicone spatula, both used according to recipes, either for the protection of cooking utensils or for an easier homogenization of ingredients.

The bamboo shredder very useful in the preparation and chopping of vegetables, but also in cutting pieces of meat or as a countertop for portioning and shaping doughs.

Graduated cup and kitchen scale we are indispensable to dose much faster both dry and wet ingredients. Most of the time we use the cup, but let's not ignore the importance of the scales, especially useful for desserts that have a guaranteed success according to strict recipes and very well weighed.

A pot and a saucepan with a lid, a medium frying pan for sautéing vegetables and a saucepan smaller for various uses related to sauces, creams or other dishes cooked in small quantities, but also two oven trays (one rectangular and one round) that we can use for steaks, cake tops, puddings or other dishes.

Cast iron pan and grill (electric & # 8211 in my case) would be, without a doubt, in the first places in the top of the utensils we need for a complete kitchen and some perfectly cooked steaks…

A set of bowls with different sizes that we use very often in the preparation of doughs and desserts, for vegetables or meats. The stainless steel ones are very efficient and are extremely easy to maintain, but you can use the glass ones as well (it is true that they are a little heavier), but also the plastic ones & # 8211 cheaper and handy anyone.

A strainer and a sieve stainless steel for filtering teas and other liquids, and, of course, for sifting flour or other products that require the use of a fine, airy texture.

grated with several faces for chopping vegetables, fruits or cheeses.

The hand mixer which we use most often in the preparation of desserts.

The electric robot which I can't do without in any form in the kitchen due to the complex accessories and the multiple possibilities of use - from the mincer, blender, juicer and mincer, and which I love when it quickly gets me out of trouble.

Oooof, that's about it for today from a list of the most used kitchen utensils! Enthusiasts will understand with what heartbreak we did not include here the multitude of other utensils that we do not miss the opportunity to buy whenever we see them on a shelf of specialty stores, or we receive them from family or close friends who they know us so well that they sensitize us with a suitable gift.

The list is long and endless, I haven't mentioned here the gadgets for cutting and shaping vegetables or fruits, the poses and various shapes for modeling cookies or homemade candies, the diversity of trays (for cakes, muffins, tarts or puddings) and pans from the closet, the meat thermometer and the countless pallets, goals and twisters for the dough or pasta machine, each has a history of soul and a special place in our kitchen, makes our work easier and turns it into a real pleasure.

So, is the kitchen the place where the utensils and the passion intertwine ?! Each of us has of course our own version and a place not yet discovered in the soul where there are words like gourmet, home-made, flavors and taste. With the help of the utensils we put them in value and through passion we give them life, patiently realizing what seems to each of us, in an original way, the perfect preparation for our loved ones.

Passion, recipes and flavors

Who says cakes and coffee are not the perfect combination? Preparations prepared by Narcisa Viorel looks & # 8230delicious good! I have been following her for some time on social networks, where she posts daily photos with her most grandiose dishes. Narcissus is like an apple pie, slightly sour like fruit, sweet like dough and simple, but loved by everyone. He starts every morning enjoying a coffee and a piece of "Louise Cake" at Garage Cafe, the place she manages together with her life partner.

I wanted to find out the whole story of this young entrepreneur, who trusted her, set a goal, fulfilled it and managed to combine work with pleasure. An example worth following, by the way. Narcisa Viorel he left Vâlcea and came to Timișoara, in 2008, to study journalism. He worked a little in the press. He decided to radically change his field, moving towards IT, but all this did not bring him any professional fulfillment. Thus, he decided to turn his passion for cooking into something practical. This decision brought him an unexpected success: "I started cooking, testing recipes. At the insistence of my friends, I made a cooking blog, Awfully Tasty. It was something to start with, then the business followed. After two years of blogging, we decided to make it this place. ”

Said and done! It seems like it's just a step from hobby to business. The orders were unstoppable, that's why he decided, in 2015, to set up his own business. "I said we start with a cafe, where people come to socialize. We had a coffee roaster and we thought it was necessary to use it. At that time, there was no coffee roaster in Timisoara, we were the first to open one. We had two niches that we focused on. Once, let's roast the coffee and serve as many assortments, origins and specialties as possible, and then the sweet part. ”, she says.

But things didn't stop there. After participating in several bread-making workshops, which attracted her most attention, Narcisa managed, after three years, to open a bakery. All the products offered in her premises are prepared exclusively by her and her team. After the success of both places, last year he opened a coffee shop. We need involved and dedicated people like Narcisa to contribute to the development of our community.

"In this field you get in touch with all kinds of customers, none of them are the same, you have to thank everyone if you want to attract them. We work any day of the year, we also worked for Christmas and New Year, with very short and quite rare holidays. I wake up early and get home pretty late. ” She believes that starting a business is a complex process and comes with many trade-offs. Work takes up most of their time: "When you have your own business, it's hard to have free time, especially if you want to get involved and know everything that happens to all your people." Which doesn't bother her, as long as she enjoys doing everything.

The promotion of the premises and the products sold is organic, through online posts, made by her. This way works extremely well and attracts the public. The passion put into every detail convinced me to visit its premises. The fragrant coffee, the chocolate cakes that always catch my eye in the shop windows and the toasted bread always confirm to me the quality of the services and products provided.

For about four months, he decided to adopt a different lifestyle. She is vegan and is very happy with this decision: "It was more of a test. I wanted to see what it meant, how hard it could be. And no, I don't find it difficult at all because I cook at home every day. ” One of his dreams is that in the future he will be able to open a place where only vegan food will be served, because in Timișoara there are very few places with such specialties.

When she was little, daffodil he used to play "TV presenters" with his sister. And now, even though he never thought he would do that, Garage Cafe it has become the place to play with sweets and coffee. If you want to start your mornings with a good coffee or feel the need for something sweet, run to Garage Cafe, where your taste buds will feel like in a roller coaster of sensations and flavors. It's really worth it and I'm not the only one saying it! #Gru!

18 There are egg cake recipes to try recipes

Egg is one of the most common ingredients in desserts. It is used in the preparation of cakes, creams and even ice cream. However, what is not harmful to most people can do a lot of harm to the health of others who have an intolerance to eggs.

At first glance, creating a recipe that does not have this ingredient may seem like a big challenge. But today there are several blogs that have created very appetizing recipes that leave on the list of ingredients in the list of eggs.

The women's tips made a selection of 18 egg recipes to try and see that it is possible to make a tasty recipe even by excluding this widely used ingredient.

1. Mixed cake: simple cake that mixes white table with chocolate table, giving a mixed effect.

2. Chocolate cake: chocolate cake with chocolate syrup that can be made with cow's milk or soy milk for those who are lactose intolerant.

3. Coffee with milk cake: This recipe for coffee with milk cake is quick to prepare, even more so by bringing instant coffee.

4. Prestigious cake: In addition to not taking egg, this prestigious cake recipe also does not take gluten as it is needed for rice flour and flaxseed meal. It is filled with chocolate coating and peck.

5. Invert Pineapple Cake: Instead of eggs, this recipe takes crushed bananas that also leave the texture of the lighter cake. To flavor and decorate, this cake has pineapple.

6. Passion Fruit Cake: As a substitute for egg, this passion fruit cake uses flax powder. Passion fruit is used in both dough and syrup.

7. Lemon Cake: This lemon cake is ideal for dietary restrictions as well as does not carry egg, also does not carry gluten, lactose or soy.

8. Fubá guava cake recipe: this corn cake has crushed chia, in addition to coconut milk and grated coconut.

9. Carrot Cake Recipe: A good choice for anyone looking for a recipe without vegetation, without eggs, without lactose or without gluten. It is a simple cake to prepare, because almost the whole process is done in a blender.

10. Apple and cake cake recipe: Healthy cake recipe that in addition to fruit carries raisins and brown sugar.

11. Gingerbread Cake: This recipe uses ginger juice in both syrup and dough, with a citrus touch.

Elaborate cakes 12. pineapple cake recipe filled with coconut filling: the cake mass is simple, but the filling takes crushed pineapple, coconut milk and grated coconut.

13. Flaxseed cake with strawberry syrup: in addition to not having eggs, this cake recipe also does not contain lactose and gluten. The syrup is made with strawberries, apple and honey.

14. Honey and orange cake: the mass of this cake uses oranges, rum and honey. The recipe also suggests replacing orange with lemon Sicilian for those who prefer.

15. Cranberry cake: this cranberry cake does not carry gluten, lactose or eggs. 16. tort

with lemon cream and strawberry syrup: this recipe cake is made with plain white matter, but it is filled with lemon cream with rice milk and covered with a strawberry fruit sauce.

17. Sweet potato and almond cake: simple recipe to make sweet potato, almond and cinnamon cake.

18. Vanilla cake with chestnut cream: simple vanilla cake with paraffin-brown cream. Fortunately, more and more egg-free dessert options, which allow people with intolerance or even those on a vegan diet, no longer have to leave the dessert aside. Several sites have specific sections with vegan recipes, such as I Can Kill for Dessert, the American site Martha Stewart and the British blog Deliciously Ella.

Wine - history, myths and future. A show out of passion, on TVR 2

Looking for the joy of living, brothers Cătălin and Adrian Păduraru, one doctor in oenology and authorized taster, passionate about culture and another, actor and educator, passionate about wines, prepared, from September 12, in the show "Vine Brothers", the more information about the long journey of the grape in the vine, to the aromatic liqueur in the glass.

If you like wine, this show invites you on an introductory journey! Thus, you will have the chance to find out new things about the "liqueur of the gods" and to discover wonderful places in Romania, without the need for effort or specialized courses.

From the art of tasting, to the various accessories in the field, every Saturday, from 17:00, on TVR 2, viewers will enter the vineyard, to know the wines and grape varieties from which they are obtained, but also the culinary combinations associated with the wine of the area.

"Wine is history, national identity, culture, leverage for social welfare, economic value, the joy of life. Today's wine Romania & # 8211 with the extensions oenotourism and oeno-pharma-cosmetics & # 8211 offers the chance of young people to build a future here and the chance of a long-awaited collective good. We aim & # 8211 through this show & # 8211 to all acquire the knowledge to take advantage of these chances ", said Cătălin Păduraru.

Their route includes not only the famous vineyards and wineries but also new or less talked about places. The information about the traditions, customs and cultural landmarks of the area, the tourist attractions, but also the history of wine in Romania will be useful, or information that will refute or confirm various myths related to wine. "I think a TV show can be subtle and popular at the same time. I think that the topics can also be viewed from a cultural and scientific perspective. I think everything can be told in a relaxed way, with simplicity, common sense and humor. I hope! ”, Said Adrian Păduraru.