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'' Sun key '' cake

'' Sun key '' cake

White chocolate cream: We prepare it first because it has to stay cold. We melt the white chocolate together with the whipped cream, being careful not to start boiling. We hydrate the gelatin sheets in cold water, then we squeeze them and we add them in melted chocolate, we homogenize and we put the pan in the freezer for about 30 minutes. Then take it out of the freezer, mix well and add 150 g whipped cream.

Cream: Sweet cream (which is very thick) with milk and sugar mix well until you get a strong cream. Divide it in two, for both creams.

Mascarpone cream: Mix the yolks with the sugar well, until the sugar melts, add the mascarpone cheese and mix. The 2 sheets of gelatin are hydrated with cold water, squeeze and then melt on a steam bath, mix with the mascarpone and at the end we add the whipped cream.

Assembly: I used a large, deep plate, like a bowl. We mixed the ness with the brandy and water, we softened the biscuits, we just dipped them and took them out quickly, so that they didn't soften too badly. I placed them in a circle on the plate, I sat on the bottom of the plate, then I added the chocolate cream, I spread it well. On top I put raspberry jam, then the rest of the biscuits and mascarpone cream, I decorated with melted chocolate. Refrigerate for a few hours, if you can resist ..... if you don't spoon it too, it's really good ....

Asparagus season

Fresh, crunchy, intense green, asparagus is extremely healthy. What's more, it has started to be cultivated more and more in Romania. At Bacania Veche we have since last year two suppliers from whom we receive asparagus as soon as it is harvested & # 8211 one from Comana and one from Tartasesti.

There are three types of asparagus, each different in aroma and cultivation conditions:

  • The best known type is asparagus officinalis - green asparagus.
  • White asparagus it is cultivated with difficulty because it is kept completely buried in the ground. This is to inhibit the production of chlorophyll. It has a more subtle aroma and is even more fragile than the green one. And much more expensive.
  • Purple asparagus contains anthocyanins that give it a purple color. It has a lower fiber content than green, a fruity aroma, is sweeter and smaller than green and white. What is interesting is that when it is cooked it turns green.

Usually, asparagus stalks can have different thicknesses: thin, medium and jumbo. Its thickness does not indicate the degree of maturity but can be a criterion for choosing the cooking method.

Thin asparagus such as pencil is ideal for stir fry or saute, jumbo is ideal for grilling or steaming and medium can be cooked in any way.

Depending on the method cultivation (planting seeds or crowns) it takes about 3 years to have a rich asparagus harvest. In the first year the production is reduced and the harvest will only weaken the plant. So patience is the key. Harvesting is done only one month a year, from mid-May to mid-June.

Asparagus is very resistant to climate change but needs a sandy, dry soil and lots of sun. It hates water and moisture.

Asparagus, clean health

This bud contains glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that slows down the aging process and protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun and pollution.

Asparagus contains 93% water and is full of vitamins and nutrients: vitamin C, E, B6, beta-carotene, zinc, magnesium, selenium, vitamin K, folic acid, chromium, riboflavin, thiamine, but also other substances with anti-inflammatory role and anticancer.

If you want to lose weight, find out that asparagus has great effects on the figure, reducing belly fat due to its high fiber content and very low in calories: 100 grams of asparagus have only 13 calories.

Asparagus can successfully play a leading role in detoxification because it is also a natural diuretic.

How you choose it

Choose firm stems, light green, purple to the top, with compact buds. The fibrous part, white, must not exceed 15% of the total length of the rod.

How to keep it

When fresh, store in the refrigerator, possibly in a tall bowl, with the tails in a little water or wrapped in a damp towel. It can last for about 3-4 days.

65 simple recipes for coffee cake dessert

Macaroons, Dessert, Sweets, Colors. Cup of Coffee, Dessert, Coffee, Sweets. A dessert in a concentrated form, this recipe adds an intense aroma of chocolate and milk complementing the subtle woody notes of the coffee assortment. CHOCOLATE CAKE, COFFEE AND MASCARPONE CREAM - A FLAVORED, CREAMY AND REFINED DESSERT! Try this Dessert with coffee and cardamom mousse by Lauras Sweets and discover the secret: intense coffee prepared with the Prima Latte Red espresso machine. Dessert recipe with cheese and coffee, quick and easy to prepare. Handsome and tasty, a dessert that is ready in a few tens of minutes. Dessert recipe: Semifreddo with mascarpone and Gabrielaolteanu coffee.

Bavarian porcelain coffee and dessert services for 6 people. Contains: & # 8211 1 cake tray, -6 cups of coffee, -6 plates for cups. Chocolate and coffee cake - a fragrant, creamy and refined dessert.

A cup breakfast, please!

A cup is the perfect container for a quick and tasty breakfast. You only need a few ingredients and you get a fast food in the microwave in a short time.

Ingredient: an egg, a tablespoon and a half of milk, salt, pepper, a quarter of a baguette or a slice of ordinary bread, two teaspoons of cream cheese, a slice of proscitto / ham / salami, greens, mustard.

Beat the egg and milk in a cup, then add salt and pepper to taste. Break the bread into pieces and put them in the cup. Add cream cheese, prosciutto and greens, then mix the composition. Put the container in the microwave and wait a few minutes for it to be done. When it's ready, put mustard on top and sprinkle with finely chopped greens and enjoy a tasty and nutritious breakfast.

Poli Hammy - a ham that you will love too! & # x1f5a4

  • has a 90% chicken content!
  • free gluten, no flavor enhancers, no dyes!
  • very rich in protein!
  • is a HALAL certified product - meat without toxins due to the way the meat is processed. They do not contain pork, mice or mouse emulsions.
  • made from carefully selected pieces of chicken, from ground-raised birds, in the middle of nature, in Ptuj, Slovenia.
  • The product was launched in the former Yugoslavia in 1974 and keeps the same recipe of more than 40 Poles are No. 1 in Europe in terms of sales volume and the first product created in Europe in its category!
  • The use of quality ingredients and the lack of artificial ingredients is also reflected in the short shelf life of Poli products.

Guitar pictures cakes

The double guitar cutting cake is the ideal solution for cutting pieces of the same size. You can cut chocolate creams, tarts, desserts and pastries with soft dough. The double guitar allows you to cut the product in two directions, obtaining perfect rectangles and squares. Picture cake recipes, homemade cake recipes, cherry cake, diplomat cake, dobos cake, tender croissants, gingerbread, cake recipes, cake with chocolate, fruit cake, whipped cream cake, festive cakes, cake recipes, cookie recipes, croissant recipes, homemade cookie recipes, cake recipes Double guitar for cutting cakes 60x40 Equipment for cutting cakes Cutting surface: 600x400mm Din aluminum Double Does not include frames Suitable for frames with distance between wires: 60mm, 45mm, 37.5mm, 30mm and 22.5mm It combines a 600mm frame with a .. Offer CHRISTMAS + NEWS & Stock updates (15.12.2014) December 15 2014. Dear Friends, Clients and Collaborators, We would like to thank you for being with us in 2014 and offers you the opportunity to publish free ads for your city and surroundings its miles. You will easily find on interesting free ads from Bucharest, Ilfov and other cities in the country and you will be able to easily get in touch with those who published them. On you will find jobs, apartments and rooms for rent, used cars and mobile phones at low prices

Double guitar for cutting cakes + 3 frames 36 × 36 cm

  1. Cake slicers Sort by: Sort by popularity Sort by most recent Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low Display: 24 36 4
  2. Muffins and cakes Cake recipes Muffins with butter and lemon. by Miha May 22, 2020. by Miha May 22, 2020. After I made the recipe for muffins with butter and strawberries, I promised the children that I would repeat the experience. And because I had it
  3. Cake recipes We present you our list of recipes to satisfy your craving for sweets. Whether you are looking for homemade cakes, fast, light, fruity or classic, below you will find many cake recipes that you can cook for your loved ones.
  4. Parlament cake is one of the Top 3 best homemade cakes due to the amazing combination: toasted walnut top, layer of biscuits and the two creams. Don't be intimidated by the name of this cake, try the Parlament cake recipe !. These 9 cake recipes represent only a part of those published on this blog. If you are looking for other cake recipes.
  5. It is clearly one of the best homemade cakes and if you try the recipe you will be right. The only drawback of this recipe, although a very popular one, is the name. it seems that the lady who christened the cake was very attached to that politician. I can't see things differently since the politician can't be associated with.
  6. You can find on this culinary blog recipes for cakes, homemade cake recipes and other delicious sweets and desserts, explained in detail in the images

Guitar for cutting double cakes Previous Next Product code: 2411. Reference: 13.BASE.CHIT.D. Double Cake Guitar Let me know when the price drops below. Wish list Accessories. Double guitar for cutting cakes - HORECA equipment - On Moratti you can find a diverse range of products, such as: fryer, cold table, hot display case.

Step-by-step picture cake recipes, homemade cake recipes, cake recipes, chocolate cake, fruit cake, whipped cake, festive cakes, muffin recipes, cake recipes, cookie recipes, cookie recipes croissants, homemade cookie recipes, cake recipes, tart recipes, cheesecake recipes, cake recipes that never fail the guitar written by Briose - Cakes - CAKE

10 quick and simple cake recipes, ready in 10 minutes. Glazed lemon. It doesn't take you 10 minutes to bake this goodness. And while she is in the oven, you prepare a fine glaze, richly flavored with lemon, to cut them from the jam. The perfect cake recipe for a weekend afternoon, where you have guests but no. The device (guitar) for cutting cakes is the ideal solution for cutting pieces of the same size. You can cut chocolate creams, tarts, desserts and pastries with soft dough. The simple guitar allows cutting in one direction. It is easy to use and clean the Guitar for cutting single cakes. Let me know when the price drops below. Wish list Accessories. Cakes. Cakes. Basic recipes. Privacy and cookies: this site uses cookies. If you continue to use this website, you agree to their use. To learn more, including how to control cookies, look here: Cookie Policy

French Cake Sheets 300 gr flour, 150 gr sugar, 150 gr margarine, 1 baking powder, 2 tablespoons cocoa, 200 gr cream. Filling 6 egg whites, 250 gr sugar, 150 gr coconut. Cream 6 egg yolks, a vanilla pudding, 500 ml of milk boil until thickened. After cooling, mix with 250 g butter and 250 g sugar. Top ingredients in Petre Roman Cake - 8 eggs, 8 tablespoons sugar, 8 tablespoons ground walnuts, 8 tablespoons flour, 1 baking powder, 4 tablespoons sugar for the caramel sugar icing for each sheet of blah

We accepted the challenge from RAMA to choose 10 cake recipes from our blog that we will remake using Rama margarine. Join us in the world of stories on 1) Elegance cake 2) Fluffy stuffed cake 3) Pancake cake 4) Rapid Rafaello 5) Kiss kurtos-Hungarian cake 6) Biscuit dumplings 7) [sheet cakes. islere with chocolate cream. giraffe roll with chocolate ganache and nuts. rolled with chocolate cream. black drill roll. chocolate roll. roll with jam. apple cakes and pies. banana and chocolate cake. chocolate cake and meringue. black cake. meringue sandwiches. baklav A lot of homemade cake recipes explained step by step, in pictures, are waiting for you on Homemade Cakes tested, you can choose from Homemade Cakes. Do you crave cakes when you pass by a confectionery window? Are you picky and want to be sure of the ingredients in a cake? The only way is to prepare it at home, where you will have total control of the ingredients Classical guitar cake. Order now for your child's birthday, a classical guitar. Does he like to play the guitar? Now you can order the guitar cake in the sweet version

Surprise your employees and business partners with shopping vouchers at Lidl! See on Contact Assortment Consumer protection - A.N.P.C by Miha in Cakes, 25 Feb 2012 | 5565 views. 0. For successful culinary photos use Nikon D5600. I was telling you at Guitar Cake that I had a piece of countertop left that had to be capitalized on. I made a white chocolate mousse which I then thought of improving with some walnuts. RECIPE IN PICTURES. Recommendations for. Because his passion for guitar is already known, at an event at Microsoft he accompanied Dj Vanda. He played the guitar, and she was the voice. The boss Leo Burnett, passionate about cakes Ioana Iordache, the general manager of Leo Burnett Romania, the second communication group on the local market, is passionate about cakes 30 w bass guitar amplifier, the power of the amplifier is 30 w, with 220 v power supply, has an input jack for the guitar. Price 310 lei. Guitar Cake Contact Posted by Mihaela on 9/18/2010 4:52:00 p.m. chocolate ornaments for cake and cakes. duiuri wilton. cherry jam with carrots. The fourth contest has started. 19 prizes for 11 winners. Extra chances for bloggers Images for themes created by linearcurves

The boy, my former colleague, Monica kept her adulthood at the Meses restaurant, she asked me for this model, I respected their wish, it was a long-awaited cake, because my friend ordered it 7 months earlier, to be sure, that I do. I will reveal to you a world full of charm, a world of sweet stories in which the main actors are chocolate, fruits, caramel, sparkling creams, whipped cream and many, many vivid colors. Home recipe, Your home recipe! The home recipe is where you can find recipes, starting with appetizer recipes, soup recipes, steak recipes and reaching for cake recipes and much more. Each recipe is explained step by step and exemplified with pictures of the recipes during their making

Cakes - cakes - cookies

  • Boat guitar by singer Josh Pyke. Australian singer Josh Pyke knows this very well, which is why he built a boat in the form of a guitar! Josh crossed Sydney Bay using a replica of his own instrument for the video for the song 'Make you happy'
  • Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube
  • We're going on long laps! This requires energy, but not without taste and pleasure. Healthy energy, not armstrongizations, that leave traces forever. Here's a great recipe for tours
  • Kosher Shabbat-Compliant Search Results for Cakes. The chaim! לחיים and welcome to - the world's first Shabbot compliant search engine. complies with holy laws by ensuring :.
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  • Cutters Cutters Musical Instruments 255401 Cutters Musical InstrumentsSet of 4 plastic cutters. The set contains 4 cutter models: Guitar, Violin, Ground Key, Musical Note. Cutter dimensions: Ø between 8.5 and 9 x h 2.2 cm. decoration

I hereby agree to receive updates in the form of digital newsletters with information about the new promotions, products and interesting services offered by PEPCO Retail SRL on my e-mail address Ingredients: 250 g biscuits 125 g slightly fried nuts 50- 100 g almond flakes (optional) 3 lg sugar 3 lg cocoa 1 glass water. Author's book Cakes for children 'from RAO publishing house No, it doesn't necessarily take four hours to prepare a cake for the little one's birthday. And if you are not used to spending hours in the kitchen every day, it does not mean that you are not a good mother. The first images from Syria, taken by photographers who risk their lives to capture the moments of the war taken to the extreme on the battlefield. Everything is destroyed. It is [

Drill cakes + more,,,, Selection of the day # 1 # 1 Places in Romania to visit Selection of the day # 2 # 2 Fantastic ideas that can become reality Selection of the day # 3 # 3 The force of nature is incredible! Selection of the day # 4 # 4 The exhausted athlete finished the race rolling. Discover the latest offers, promotions, services and actions from METRO stores in Romania and choose the right ones for you

Mini guitar cutting cake - Oracle Investmen

  • Equipment for cutting cakes, offers and promotions at Oracle Investment, quality guaranteed at affordable prices. The frames are made of stainless steel. The cutting surface is: 36 × cm. These are included in the price. Double guitar for cutting cakes. DOUBLE GUITAR BASE FOR CAKING CAKES Product code:
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  • The guitar cake made a sensation on Silviu's birthday. I also confirm the very delicious and fine taste. Oana. Answer Delete. Cakes. Amandine Simple Theme Cubes. Images for themes created by IntergalacticDesignStudio
  • Context: # Apartment22 is a 4-room apartment, located on the 1st floor of a 4-storey building in the southern part of Bucharest, built in 1982. It is detached, has two bathrooms and a balcony. The usable area is 80.3 square meters, plus 3.75 balcony. So a total of 84sqm for a family with 2 children. This is what the current 3D plan looks like
  • fear their taste I do not know why the fact that they borsch in the composition did not make them too friendly

Metal guitar cutter Briose - Cakes - Cakes

2. Forming a positive self-image. If you look like most people, then most of your life so far has been dominated by a bad image of yourself. Nobody likes to admit that it's not perfect. For this reason we hide behind a mask of either superiority or inferiority, trying to hide the reality of feeling. Frozen Games Elsa Games Disney Princess Games Dress Up Games Princesses Dress Up Games Girls Games Pretty Puzzle Princess Elsa Make Over Baby Hazel Princess Makeover Frozen Sisters in Disneyland Tangled: Double Trouble Frozen Sisters College Life Adventure Time Princess Maker Rapunzel Real Haircuts My Little Pony Princess Luna Dress-Up Elsa and Anna Go Shopping Subway.

Baking trays and cake forming rings. Templates, Stencils. Thermometer. Flower accessories. Sticks and support columns. Devices, equipment. guitar 14.8cm x 7.7cm More images More utensils. Posts about prajituri written by treburisocoteli. Just another site

Guitar - OLX.r

  • imalist. The cake had a white top, yogurt cream with cherries and was dressed in whipped cream (with which I don't get along very well)
  • tea from now on, that he was trying to give me a route that he considered more important
  • Many are replacing, on March 8, the flowers with candies or cakes, in order to sweeten their girlfriends or wives a little. Today we propose to the brave men to put on their aprons and prepare a festive dessert for their halves, which will be twice as much appreciated as one taken from the confectionery

Printed image, with edible ink, on the sheet of sugar paste with the character of the film for teenagers Violetta. It can be placed on any covering material: fondant, marzipan, vegetable cream, butter cream (NOT natural cream, or mirror creams) Marzipan cakes. Sugar paste and marzipan cakes. Marzipan cakes. King Panda. Price: 75 / kg RO

Valy Palarie is on Facebook. Sign up for Facebook to connect with Valy Palarie and others you may know. Facebook gives them. These are included in the price. Double guitar for cutting cakes. DOUBLE GUITAR BASE FOR CAKING CAKES Product code :. Frames made of stainless steel Ideal for cutting products. With the help of the WaterCut pressurized water jet machine you can. The machines cut trays of frozen or fresh cakes into small portions. Buy now on Okazii Privacy and cookies: this site uses cookies. If you continue to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, incl Wooden toys are classic toys and traditional toys, which do not need batteries, but work 100% with children's imagination. We offer you several reasons why it is worth buying wooden toys for your child. Personalized cakes and edible ornaments in Dej.

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Direca cake cutting machines

welcome to my page, I hope you like what you see, thank you. for phone orders 0742455276 You have the freedom to choose from millions of IT products, electronics and appliances, gadgets, toys, clothing and footwear with payment in installments. Fast delivery to easybox, Instant Money Back on return, product warranty Guitar method for beginners. Condition: GOOD. life in pictures 3.00 lei. Add to wish list. Music Publishing House. Year of publication 1961. Condition: GOOD. Read more. cakes Juices and beverages Food preservation Old almanacs NATURAL MEDICINE Tailoring.

During the surgery, the actor played the guitar! Brain surgery was not very complicated, doctors at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center have done it several hundred times. In fact, exactly 499 times, so they chose for the 500th brain surgery to be broadcast on social networks Christmas and New Year Cakes / Cakes Minnie-Arina Cornel Cake Happy Birthday Cake Dinamo Cake Steaua Cake Raspberry Cake Puppy cake Slippery cake Rock cake Guitar cake Cake with orange cream Amandina Flower Cake Cake with burnt sugar cream Cake with white chocolate Simple New Year's Eve cake Fasting cake with apples Images for themes. Conni would like to make cookies, but her mother doesn't have time. Conni starts to make them herself. break eggs, sift flour, keep the dough away from the Meow cat - it's not easy at all! Good thing that, finally, his mother comes to his aid. Year of publication: 2018ISBN: 97

snowflake cake, christmas cakes, christmas recipes, santa claus for rent, santa claus rental, search santa claus, santa. Personalized birthday cakes for adults, a very important party in the life of every girl or boy. Choose to personalize your adult cake as you want. I like to cook, especially cakes, cakes, which I try to decorate in the most original way. Since I entered the blogosphere I have learned a lot, I have had pleasant but also unpleasant experiences and I have met many nice people and I have even made friends.

Homemade cake archives - Sweets kind of fe

A friend's son turned 18, so he needed two cakes, so I got to work, it was very difficult for me because I was in renovation, I was forced to do it at a friend's neighbor and you know how it is, carrying all the tools with you, anyway I escaped. The cakes have the cocoa top, chocolate cream and chocolate mouse, white and dark chocolate icing, and. PixWords is a game that puts your mind to the test. You assimilate new words, you develop your vocabulary and thinking. You have over 4000 words and images that you have to understand. Updated 21.03.2017. Version: 2.1 Lissa's Cakes said. Sorina, thank you very much for your appreciation. I also have cakes for which I took pictures step by step, the bust cake, the castle for children, topsy turvy, I booked ornaments step by step, I don't have time to take pictures of each cake but whoever asked me I answered openly with pleasure. most with sugar paste or milk powder, both recipes are put step by step. The guitar is very.

Delicious cake recipes - Culinary recipes by Unica

Even if we speak it every day, the Romanian language still raises difficulties among many people. After seeing which are the most used pleonasms by Romanians and after analyzing some wrong forms of some words frequently used in Romanian, this time we will stop at the chapter on wrong plural forms. Here are the most common From now on, let us take care of your shopping. Whether it's a fridge or a TV, detergents, drinks or products for your baby, you can find them all on Join the Carrefour satisfied customer community! Click-click and our quality products reach your door The traditional Romanian food is based on menus specially prepared for children, and the snacks are composed of fruits, yogurts and homemade cakes. The little ones can optionally take German, English, guitar, origami, aikido or dance classes. Funny jokes from the Sadice category. Read the best jokes with Sadice. Jokes and jokes with Sadice - page 37 from 8 Buy Online Toys Guitar and microphone set Spiderman Reig Musicales RG552 from Land Toys Store! The Universe of Quality Products for Children

Homemade cakes, 9 best homemade cakes

The most beautiful and most visualized images of Christmas, only good to send to your friends for Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year. Images and pictures of Christmas to send to friends on the occasion of winter holidays. Or you can use avatar images for messenger, desktop pictures, wallpepar .. Preface The work 'Sweets and cakes' of the master in culinary art Nicolae Olexiuc is a small gastronomic universe, well structured, which includes a wide range of practical and simple recipes . Those interested will find in this book num For this type of business the applicant can purchase equipment such as: professional robot oven, freezer, refrigerator, planetary mixer, tart machine, double guitar for cutting cakes, dishwasher and trays, blast freezer dough rolling machine cooking machine wall hood food processor, cutting machine. If you don't have almond flour, take 200 grams of almonds and grind them as best you can. Then add cocoa, sweetener (honey), pitted and finely chopped dates, salt and vanilla

Sunday with brunch and French cakes. The Zexe Brasserie.

Sunday when you have no plans. Gloomy weather. Have a lazy breakfast, open a book (the Swedish secret of the good life, Lagom, hm) then browse Facebook. Things don't connect much, you can't find your place. The weather doesn't help either. You call a friend… And the saving and mobilizing question comes: ‘’ How about we go to Zexe Brasserie? We eat something and then stick to that beautiful cake showcase… ''

Zexe Brasserie is located in the Aviatorilor area, close to the subway, right on Aviatorilor Boulevard at no. 65. You step into a tiny, intimate space, where about 30 people can fit. Now the space is even happier, full of pots with colorful tulips placed everywhere.

The menu. You have something to eat here at the brasserie: you also have & # 8221de dulce & # 8221 but also & # 8221de salty & # 8221!

In addition to the appetizing cakes (I think there were about 15 dishes that smiled nicely in the window) the menu includes options for breakfast, snacks, sandwiches but also some appetizers, soups and some main dishes (head of the list in the network of Romanian restaurants Zexe , with some own butchery products). And coffee, fresh but also country, beers, cognacs, sparkling wines and champagnes.

The brasserie is run by the kind Ana Consulea (learned the secrets at the Montbeliard Confectionery School, Frața) which you are very likely to meet by smiling about an ingredient or a new cake that appeared on the menu.

In addition to the classic sweets, made according to the techniques of the French confectionery school, Ana tries to the flavor of the old Romanian confectionery, before communism & # 8211 at a time when, for example, Take Ionescu created the Conservative-Democratic party and party members ordered the Grand Hotel du Boulevard confectionery laboratories the cake that would bear his name. Take Ionescu cake means combining dark chocolate and intense pistachio cream.

Another story refers to George Enescu who liked the combination of chocolate and orange. The confectioners from Capșa prepared in his honor a candy with dark chocolate ganache and biscuit with orange syrup, which they decorated with candied orange, on which they drew the ground key. At Zexe, they turned the candy into a cake covered in 72% dark chocolate and a syrupy top in Grand Marnier orange liqueur. Ana Consulea tries to bring to our attention old recipes of Little Paris cakes.

La Zexe Braserie nu veți găsi prăjituri precum sunt cele de la cofetăriile clasice de genul: savarină, amandină, cartof etc.

Și, ce am comandat?

Am încercat o salata aperitiv – cu pipote confiate, piept de rață afumat și sparanghel tras în unt. Toate ingredientele erau așezate confortabil pe un pat verde din baby spanac și rucola, plus un dressing lejer cu ulei măsline și aceto balsamico și crutoane alături. O salată echilibrată.

Și am gustat din tarta cu hribi și mărar (așa e când mergi cu prietenii, poftești la farfuriile lor), făcută cu simț de răspundere cu aluat franțuzesc, tip pâte brisée. Mi-a plăcut că ni s-a spus că vom aștepta un pic ca să se coacă tarta (de mult nu am mai auzit așa remarcă cu toate că sunt în oraș multe patiserii/ braserii cu pretenții de preparate proaspete). Gustul cașcavalului era foarte intens, bogat, aproape că, reușea să copleșască hribii. Foarte gustoasă tarta!

Am luat și prajitura Medovik, una dintre preferatele mele (este o prăjitură cu origini rusești din sec 18) cu foi subțiri și fine făcute cu miere, care alternează cu straturi de cremă cu gust intens de caramel și nuci, delicios!

Câteva prețuri

Un mic dejun cu o granola cu iaurt grecesc este 18 lei, un sandwich cu piept de rață 22 lei, un tartar de ton roșu 38 lei, salată cu brânză de capră 28 lei, o ceafă de mangalița la grătar cu salată verde 26 lei, o porție de fălcuțe de vițel cu piure prăjit și salată sfeclă cu spumă hrean 58 lei, tartă cu brânză și hribi alături de salată, 20 lei.

Toate dulciurile Zexe Braserie sunt lucrate cu ingrediente de foarte bună calitate (fără prafuri și adaosuri dubioase care intensifică aromele) după tehnicile minuțioase specifice patiseriei și cofetăriei franțuzești. Costul unei prăjituri variază între 18-26 lei.

În raftul cu bunătăți o să vedeți și: Millefeuille, Pavlova cu fructe de pădure, cheesecake (cu căpșuni, zmeură și tonka), Petit-Antoine (blat de cacao fondant, pralinee crocant din alune de pădure, mousse lejer de Gianduja și glasaj fin din ciocolată cu lapte), prăjitura Exotic (cremă fină de mango și fructul pasiunii, inserție de banană, mentă și fistic, bucăți crocante de croustillant cu cocos și blat Dacquoise cu migdale) și câte și mai câte, prăjituri făcute cu multă trudă.

Pentru cei sensibili la dulce, gluten sau la extra calorii puteți cumpăra: ‘’biscuiții cu nimic’’ (fără zahăr, fără gluten, fără lactoză dar cu cacao, ciocolată neagră, ulei de cocos și caju) sau prăjitura Miss Coco (blat de cacao și mousse de cocos în care nu este adăugat niciun pic de zahăr.)

For iubitorii de checuri găsiți negreșit câteva feluri: și chec clasic numit: ‘’chec de mamaie’’ dar și variante mai sofisticate chec cu banane și fructe confiate, chec cu lime și zmeură etc.

În funcție de sezon, puteți savura aici gelato or sorbeto, poate cozonaci, praline și macarons.

Dulciurile sunt dulciuri, pline de surprize. Lăsați-vă purtați într-o lume fascinantă cu texturi contrastante, arome fine, culori și nuanțe, forme-forme, miresme și gusturi, cu pralină, poate ceva nu prea dulce, poate amărui, cu miros de bergamotă sau poate de migdală coaptă, cu textură de mousse delicat sau cu scâșnet lipicios de bezea, cu bobițe negre de vanilie sau crocant de cocos, cu post-gust de cognac, cu acreală ușoară de lime sau poate de textură de biscuit cu unt bun, cu miros de matcha, cu ganache de ciocolată neagră sau poate caramel sărat și un moț de frișcă și, și, și…

Bautura racoritoare cu cafea

Vara se apropie cu pasi repezi si bauturile de tip fresh, shake, smoothie sau cafe frappe sunt tot mai cautate si consumate. Pentru ca asa ne place vara, sa bem bauturi reci, cat mai reci si daca se poate sa le consumam pe terasa sau pe plaja. Dar pana la concediu mai este putin asa ca de ce sa nu ne preparam acasa o bautura racoritoare, o cafea de exemplu care este mai buna rece cateodata, mai ales daca este imbunatatita cu frisca sau inghetata.

Reteta de mai jos am preparat-o in aceasta idee hai sa preparam acasa o bautura racoritoare cu cafea si sa o servim pe balcon intr-o dupa masa arida de vara :).

Ingrediente pentru 2 cafele:

  • 2 cafele espresso preparate cu cafea arabica Cafe del Sol
  • 1 cafea preparata la ibric din cafea arabica Cafe del Sol
  • 100ml lapte condensat
  • 100ml frisca proaspata
  • pentru decor bucatele de marshmallows invelite in ciocolata
  • optional 2 lingurite de zahar

Cafeaua espresso stiti cum se prepara asa ca nu va mai explic inca o data sper sa aveti doar un aparat bun :).

Cea la ibric se prepara forte simplu pentru ca cei de la Cafe del Sol au avut inspiratia sa scrie reteta pe pungile de cafea. Asta ca sa fie siguri ca veti prepara o cafea cu un gust perfect. Plus ca ambalajul resigilabil pastreaza prospetimea.

Asadar punem 140 de ml de apa si 2 lingurite de cafea intr-un ibric, le amestecam si punem ibricul la foc potrivit. Puteti adauga 1 lingurita de zahar daca doriti dar este optional, cafeaua arabica este putin acid asa ca nu necesita zahar. Ridicam ibricul in momentul in care incep sa apara primele bule de aer, pe marginea ibricului. Lasam 1 minut si cafeaua este gata. Dar nu o savuram calda, o lasam sa se raceasca si apoi o punem in forme pentru cuburi de gheata si o inghetam, ca doar vrem o bautura cat mai rece.

Cand cafeaua este inghetata, o scoatem din forme si o zdrobim cu blenderul apoi o punem cu lingura in pahar. adaugam cafeaua espresso, lapte condensat si deasupra frisca. Decoram cu bucatele de marshmallows si servim.

Si pentru ca sunt convinsa ca aveti telefonul la indemana puteti arunca un ochi si pe site-ul Cafe del Sol, o sa gasiti si alte retete de preparare a cafelei plus alte lucruri interesante.

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Prajitura Raffaelo

O prajitura cu care am avut o adevarata aventura ( va scriu la sfarsit sa nu va plictisesc ).

Se potriveste perfect cu sarbatorile de iarna si nu, nu este cea cu 400g ciocolata alba :).

  • 7 albusuri
  • 200g zahar tos
  • 100g nuca de cocos
  • 6linguri de faina
  • trei sferturi de lingurita bicarbonat de sodiu amestecat cu bicarbonat de amoniu ( ce sa fac asa am avut reteta )
  • 7 galbenusuri
  • 8 tablespoons sugar
  • 8 linguri de lapte
  • 1 lingura cu varf de faina
  • 250g unt (8o sau 82% grasime)

Preincalzim cuptorul la 160gC.

Batem albusurile spuma, apoi adaugam treptat zaharul si mixam pana acesta se topeste si obtinem o spuma lucioasa ca pentru bezea.

Lasam mixerul deoparte si folosim o paleta sau lingura de lemn.

Adaugam treptat faina si amestecam usor peste cap astefl compozitia va ramane pufoasa. La fel procedam cu nuca de cocos.

La sfarsit adaugam bicarbonatul stins cu o lingurita suc de lamaie.

Coacem 2 sau 3 foi in tava sau pe fundul tavii tapetat cu hartie de copt.

Nu mi-am notat timpul de coacere insa cred ca in jur de 25 min la fiecare foaie.

Scoatem foile si le punem pe un gratar sau fund de lemn.

Galbenusurile le amestecam cu zaharul, faina si laptele si le punem sa se ingroase la foc mic amestecand mereu ( asta fiind partea care ma enerveaza cel mai mult dar ce nu facem pentru o prajitura buna:) ).

Cand s-au ingrosat le lasam sa se raceasca.

Untul il mixam putin sa se „dezlege” si apoi adugam treptat compozitia de oua.

Umplem foile si lasam putina crema pentru deasupra apoi presaram nuca de cocos.

Punem prajitura la rece cateva ore sau chiar de pe o zi pe alta si apoi taiem felii pe care le asezam frumos pe un platou nu inainte de-a manca cateva… sa zicem din margini :)

Aceasta prajitura se taie destul de greu asa ca atentie, folositi un cutit bine ascutit.

Sfatul meu este sa coaceti 2 foi deoarece 3 ies destul de subtiri sau puteti coace doar una… sau puteti coace o foaie in tava mare de la aragaz pe care apoi sa o taieti in doua.

Si intamplarea a carui rezultat il vedeti si in foto este ca am copt prajitura la vecina mea deoarece aragazul meu era stricat. Cand sa ma duc sa scot ultima foaie s-a blocat cheia in usa si cu greu (cu ajutorul sotului care vesnic nu ma intelege de ce trebuie sa fac prajituri de sarbatori:)) am reusit sa o deschid… foaia deja incepuse sa se coloreze dar am salvat-o pana la urma :).

Tava folosita este de 25x35cm.

Si multumesc Claudia pentru reteta! :)

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Sunteti indragostiti de macarons la fel de mult ca si mine, dar inca nu aveti curajul sa le pregatiti sau nu v-au reusit acasa exact asa cum v-ati dori?! Va inteleg perfect si sper sa va ajute sfaturile mele despre cum sa faci macarons. Nu de alta, dar inca imi amintesc de momentele mele de tristete si dezamagire atunci cand nu imi ieseau indragitele macarons pe care le asteptam. Atat de mult incat nici nu realizam ca experienta este cheia si secretul micilor chichite pe care trebuia sa le descopar din incercari repetate. Nu era de vina aragazul, desi, crezand ca acesta este vinovatul, am facut tot posibilul sa il schimb cu unul nou al carui cuptor electric era capabil sa imi mentina o temperatura constanta si potrivita de care credeam ca am nevoie.

Fiecare dintre voi il cunoasteti pe al vostru si puteti regla temperatura si pozitia tavilor de macarons in asa fel incat sa va dati seama singuri cum este mai bine. Mai ales ca din ingredientele de mai jos va ies aproape trei tavi de cochilii care se pot imparti in cat mai multe transe care sa va ajute sa identificati conditiile propice de coacere.

Acesta poate fi unul dintre motive, dar daca nu le-ati identificat pe celelalte, este prea putin important, pentru ca pe acesta il puteti realiza cat ai clipi. Daca un macarons este prea umed si nu se usuca deasupra nici dupa o ora si ceva de asteptare, nu veti obtine sub nicio forma un „piciorus” mult asteptat ci doar niste bezele turtite si subtiri, crapate la suprafata ori lipicioase in interior pe care nici macar nu le puteti desprinde cu usurinta de pe foaia de copt.

Ei bine, cred ca trebuie sa va conving de faptul ca a face macarons nu este nici pe departe atat de greu cum v-ati imaginat si nici nu trebuie sa fii mare expert in patiserie ca sa iti iasa cat mai reusite. Fiti increzatori si perseverenti pentru ca nu aveti nevoie decat de cinci ingrediente, putina rabdare si suficienta perseverenta pentru a obtine ceea ce v-ati dorit.

Puteti incepe cu reteta de la macarons cu crema de ciocolata in care am folosit o bezea italiana. Acolo v-am impartasit metoda retetei de baza in cat mai multe detalii, dar cred ca o sa vi se para mult mai usoara aceasta reteta frantuzeasca pe care o sa v-o prezint aici pas cu pas.



  • 100 gr. albus (3 albusuri)
  • 170 gr. powdered sugar
  • 100 gr. migdale macinate (faina de migdale)
  • 15 gr. cacao (daca nu le doriti cu cacao, mariti cantitatea de faina de migdale cu 15 gr.)
  • 35 gr. zahar tos
  • 1 lingurita zeama de lamaie (optional, pentru bezea)
  • colorant alimentar ( in functie de preferinte)

Lista de ustensile necesare:

  • cantar de bucatarie – va ajuta in respectarea cat mai precisa a cantitatii ingredientelor din reteta
  • o sita cat mai fina
  • un mixer manual sau un robot de bucatarie
  • doua boluri – unul ar fi indicat sa fie din inox (va ajuta la obtinerea unui mereng perfect)
  • spatula din silicon
  • pungi de patiserie de unica folosinta sau din silicon prevazute sau nu cu un varf rotund de aproximativ 5-6 mm. grosime
  • hartie de copt sau covorase din silicon speciale pentru macarons

Metoda de preparare macarons – reteta frantuzeasca pas cu pas:

1 Daca nu aveti faina de migdale, nu este nicio problema. Cumparati migdale si macinati-le foarte fin intr-o rasnita de cafea. Cele cu coaja pot fi folosite doar la cele cu cacao pentru ca desi le strecurati printr-o sita, tot vor schimba culoarea dorita. Migdalele crude cu coaja pot fi inmuiate eventual in apa fiebinte pentru 4-5 minute si apoi pot fi decojite foarte usor. Lasati-le sa se usuce bine pentru cel putin 7-8 ore si apoi se pot macina.

2 Cat despre albusuri, se spune ca nu este recomandat sa le folositi cat sunt inca proaspete, ci doar dupa ce le-ati pastrat in frigider intre o zi si 5 zile. In parte este adevarat, dar eu le-am folosit si imediat ce le-am separat de galbenus si nu consider ca mi-a influentat reteta. Important este ca atunci cand ne pregatim de bezea sa le lasam la temperatura camerei pentru cel putin o ora.

3 Treceti prin sita migdalele macinate da cateva ori pentru a elimina orice bucata mai mare dupa care cerneti si praful de cacao si zaharul pudra. Lasati bolul deoparte.

4 Se pun albusurile de ou intr-un bol de inox bine curatat de alte grasimi sau picaturi de umezeala si se mixeaza pentru cateva secunde. Daca doriti, se poate folosi si un strop de zeama de lamaie. Adaugati zaharul tos in doua-trei reprize si mixati încontinuu pana obtineti o bezea alba densa si pufoasa cu varfuri rigide.

5 Daca intentionati sa faceti macarons de o anumita culoare, acum este momentul sa adaugati colorantul. Cantitatea de cacao prevazuta in reteta mea poate fi inlocuita in acest caz cu 15 grame de faina de migdale.

6 Se adauga o treime din cantitatea ingredientelor uscate peste bezeaua frantuzeasca, apoi se ia o spatula si se incorporeaza in totalitate. Incercati sa combinati ingredientele cu grija folosind miscari cat mai ample in care puteti trece cu spatula atat pe marginea bolului sau pe partea inferioara cat si prin mijlocul bezelei astfel incat sa fie foarte bine omogenizate.

7 Adaugati in doua transe separate si diferenta de zahar pudra combinata cu faina de migdale. Dupa ce le-ati omogenizat foarte bine, continuati sa pliati amestecul cu foarte mare atentie inca de 5-6 ori. Daca acesta nu curge intr-o panglica uniforma si continua de pe spatula, mai sunt necesare cateva plieri.

8 Veti obtine o compozitie putin mai moale si lucioasa care curge uniform de pe spatula. Observati de asemenea cum se reintegreaza in doar 20-30 de secunde in amestecul ramas in bol. Oricum, va recomand sa nu insistati cu amestecarea excesiva deoarece compozitia se poate subtia prea mult. Nu va mai fi cale de remediere… Mai bine lasati amestecul putin mai ferm si imaginati-va ca atunci cand le veti aseza in tavi isi vor pastra pentru cateva secunde moturile delicate lasate de varful posului folosit.

9 Se pune compozitia intr-un pos dupa care se pregatesc tavile tapetate cu hartie de copt sau cu covorasele speciale din silicon. Pentru hartia de copt va fi nevoie sa desenati cu un inel sau cu un pahar cat mai mic dimensiunile dorite de macarons de aproximativ 2,5 – 3 cm, lasand spatiu suficient intre ele astfel incat sa nu se uneasca unele cu celelalte. Intoaceti hartia de copt si pregatiti posul care trebuie tinut perpendicular pe tava si cat mai aproape de aceasta pentru a obtine forme de macarons destul de uniforme si cat mai rotunde. Ridicati-l rapid si formati apoi urmatorul macarons.

10 Nu va impacientati daca au ramas moturile de deasupra. Loviti tava de blat de cateva ori si acestea vor disparea odata cu bulele de aer care inca se mai afla in compozitie. Lasati cochiliile la uscat pentru cel putin 30 de minute sau maxim 1 ora si testati-le din cand in cand atingandu-le cu degetul. Umiditatea din incapere este foarte importanta, asa incat va recomand sa o evitati cat mai mult. Abia cand suprafata cochiliilor este foarte bine uscata si nu se lipesc de deget pot fi bagate in cuptor.

11 Setati in prealabil temperatura la 150° C daca aveti un cuptor electric, sau la 160-170° C daca detineti un cuptor pe gaz. In functie de cuptor, tava se poate aseza pe raftul din mijloc sau foarte putin mai jos de centrul cuptorului si se introduce in cuptor doar cate o tava.

12 Durata medie de coacere este intre 13 si 16 minute in functie de cuptor, dar eu le-am copt timp de 15 minute la o temperatura de 150° C. Se scot cochiliile din cuptor si se lasa sa se raceasca in tava pentru cel putin 10 minute. Daca au fost gatite perfect se vor desprinde cu usurinta si vor avea o suprafata cat mai neteda.

13 Lasati-le sa ajunga la temperatura camerei inainte sa le asamblati. Ca umplutura se poate folosi orice in functie de preferinte. Puteti folosi Nutella, sau un ganache rapid de ciocolata si, de ce nu, o umplutura speciala de caramel sarat.

Pentru ganache-ul de ciocolata:

Topiti ingredientele la bain-marie si lasati compozitia sa se raceasca bine in frigider inainte de folosire.

Pentru umplutura de caramel sarat:

  • 100 gr. butter
  • 100 gr. Brown sugar
  • 100 ml. whipped cream
  • ¼ teaspoon salt

Puneti untul si zaharul intr-o tigaie micuta pe aragaz si lasati-le sa dea in clocot la foc mediu pentru 2-3 minute. Se adauga treptat smantana lichida si sarea, apoi se aduce la fierbere si se mai lasa pe foc pentru aproximativ 5 minute. Lasati caramelul sa se raceasca la temperatura camerei, apoi tranferati-l in frigider pentru a se intari.

Asamblati cochiliile de macarons si asezati-le pe verticala intr-o cutie evitand sa le pastrati una peste alta.

Inarmati-va cu rabdare si asteptati pana cel putin a doua zi. Macarons-ul este recomandat a fi consumat dupa cel putin o zi pentru a deveni si mai gustos. Va fi moale pe interior si crocant la exterior, iar umplutura se va intrepatrunde perfect in aroma acestuia.

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