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Tomatoes stuffed in the oven-fasting

Tomatoes stuffed in the oven-fasting

We wash the tomatoes and wipe them with a towel.

We cut a lid on them, then, with the help of a teaspoon, we dig out the core (be careful not to crush them).

Let the tomatoes hollow upside down on a chopper to drain the juice.

We put the core obtained from the tomatoes through the mincer.

We clean the onions and chop them.

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.

We cut the pepper into small cubes.

We wash the pinches, peel them and cut their pieces.

Heat the oil in a pan.

Add onion and carrot and soak for 2-3 minutes.

Then add the mushrooms, peppers and half of the ground tomato core.

While the vegetables soften a little, in a kettle we put the rice to iron with a drop of salt.

After leaving the vegetables on the fire for about 5 minutes, add the boiled rice and the tomato paste with celery.

Season with salt and pepper and leave on the fire for another 2-3 minutes to reduce the juice.

Set the composition aside, add the white flour and let it cool a little, not too much.

We take a yena bowl and grease it with a tablespoon of oil.

We put the tomatoes in the bowl and fill them with that rice composition.

Sprinkle green parsley on top and place the lids on the tomatoes.

Put the rest of the crushed tomato core in the bowl (and a little water if needed) and put everything in the oven.

We leave it there for 30-40 minutes.

When they are ready, take them out, leave them to cool a bit and serve.

This is how you get a tasty fasting product !!!

Have a craving !!! (I had a little stuffing left and I also stuffed a pepper).