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Zucchini meatballs

Zucchini meatballs

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I peeled the pumpkins, grated them with a large-mesh grater, then sprinkled a little salt and left a little juice. After about 20 minutes, I squeezed the pumpkin grater and removed all the juice. I mixed the pumpkin with the beaten egg, the parsley, the pepper, the crushed garlic cloves, and at the end the flour. The result was a bound but soft composition. I put oil in a pan, and with the help of a spoon (watered before) and with wet palms, I formed the meatballs that I fried for a few minutes on both sides. I took them out on a paper napkin to absorb the excess oil. I served the hot chitlets, along with a sauce made of garlic, grated cucumber and low-fat yogurt.

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